Wise Heart Wild Love

4 - 11 MAY 2019, SPAIN


“Every woman who helps herself, helps heal all the women who came before her, and all those who come after her”

- Dr Christiane Northrup 

wise heart wild love

Wise Heart Wild Love retreat honours the importance of women taking time to nourish, to delve deep inside, to travel along the wisdom of our hearts teachings and to un-tame our love from the restrictions of the cage of limiting beliefs that keep us small and tame in the way we love. This retreat is about learning how to cascade along the wave of delicious sexual vitality to liberate the heart into sweet wild union.

Working alongside my dear friend Kalindi Jordan, who is an international teacher of intimacy and somatic healer, I will bring yoga and devotional music / singing specifically to support this journey. You will learn practices that awaken and re-charge your life force and detox your heart and mind. Connect to your hearts yearning to discover the answers to those big questions in life. Increase your magnetic attraction so that the dream of your life can be fulfilled.

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