Fortnightly Workshop Series in Devon

"Love is the song of the soul, singing to God."
- Yogananda

Elise's OM Voice Circles workshop series offer a space for an exploration of how we can embody the transformational powers within ancient mantra and sacred sound practices, and apply them effectively within our 21st century lives. 

This closed group, held by Elise meet once a fortnight for a series of 6 workshop sessions, held once a season (usually spring, summer and autumn). The first OM Voice Circle of each series is open as a taster (£15), after which the circle is closed until the next season. The circle is closed for each course after the initial taster session to invite, enhance and preserve the intimacy and unity created when the same group of individuals gather regularly. Collectively we will dive deeply into what can be a profound, tender and deeply healing journey.



Thursdays, Fortnightly, 7.15-9.30pm



The first date of each 6 Week OM Voice Circles Workshop Series is open to all to come for a taster at a cost of £15. After, the circle is closed until the next course begins. To continue with the full course the remaining balance for the total cost of the course is due before the 2nd date of the course.



18 Sept* (taster £15) 2, 16 & 30 Oct, 13 & 27 Nov

Full Course Cost: £108 Early Bird, if booked by 20 August, £135 thereafter (taster included in both course prices).



Jellyfish Community Hub, 34 Bossell Road, Buckfastleigh, TQ11 0DD


Advance booking for both the taster and full course is required.


For all enquiries please email Elise:


Elise creates a safe, loving and supportive environment so that we can freely explore and discover the power within our own voice. Through the heart centred practice of devotional singing and guided by the spirit of music we make ourselves available to experiencing the heart opening, transformational, healing effects of chanting mantra and singing sacred songs, which is amplified by coming together as a group.

Looking to all traditions and cultures around the world for inspiration on where sound, voice, chant, and devotional singing have been a vehicle for connecting with divinity, OM Voice Circles offers a space of self-discovery; an embodied experience of how chant and devotion with clear intention and prayer can offer a multitude of self empowering gifts to enhance our state of wellbeing. Through these practices we can access our inner wisdom, opening up a wellspring of insight into our true selves, as well as revealing that which stands in the way of us being uniquely, creatively and authentically who we truly are. 

Explore and connect to your inner voice and truth, discover new ways of expressing your unique creativity through sacred sound, and learn ancient mantras through to contemporary sacred songs. Together we will co-create the musical soundscapes that open the heart and guide to enquire within. Experiment with finding your unique soul song, harmoniously within the group, in a safe space where all sounds, movement and emotions are welcomed into the circle of sound. Explore the silence and stillness between the sound.

Through these practices we can learn how singing with devotion can truly answer our deepest prayers, heal the wounded heart, clear the mind and unite us individually as well as collectively. This is the most beautiful practice for us all to receive its gifts. 

Open to all – this workshop is for yoga enthusiasts, lovers of singing, and anyone curious about prayer, sacred sound, chanting and exploring the inner workings of our world within through music!

No prior singing experience is necessary and please do not think you need to feel like a “singer” to join in! This is Yoga for Your Heart and Voice! 

Welcome to a new chapter. Welcome to OM Voice Circles...



Elise also offers OM Voice Workshops in half day, full day and weekend formats openly and for private events / bespoke bookings. 

For upcoming open workshop dates: