OM Voice Circles

"The power of OM is the Self within you... The human body is a string of OM. All that is - inside us, outside us, is born of OM... The universal sound is OM." -the Hindu saint, Nityananda

OM Voice Circles invite all who feel a calling to explore their voice, discover the power of singing with devotion and experience the uplifting, transformational and healing effects of sacred mantra, chanting and harmonious heart songs in a safe, supportive and expansive environment. 

This closed group, held by Elise in Dartington (TQ9) meet once a fortnight for a course of 6 sessions held once a season (spring, summer and autumn course dates below). The first OM Voice Circle of each course is open as a taster (£15), after which the circle is closed until the next season's course begins. The circle is closed for each course after the initial taster session to preserve the intimacy and unity created when the same group of individuals gather regularly. Collectively we will dive deeply into what can be a profound, tender and deeply healing journey.



Thursdays, Fortnightly, 7.15-9.45pm

Studio 30 (The Hexagon), Park Rd, Dartington Hall, Totnes, TQ9 6EF map & directions>

*Taster Dates: The first date of each 6 Week OM Voice Circles Course is open to all to come for a taster at a cost of £15. After, the circle is closed until the next course begins. To continue with the full course the remaining balance for the total cost of the course is due before the 2nd date of the course.


25 Jan (taster £15), 8 & 22 Feb, 8 & 22 Mar, 5 Apr

Full Course Cost: £108 Early Bird, if booked by 8 January, £135 thereafter (taster included in both course prices).


3 (taster £15), 17 & 31 May, 14 & 28* June, 12 July

 Full Course Cost: £108 Early Bird, if booked by 16 April, £135 thereafter (taster included in both course prices).

*Please note 28 June Circle will be at an alternative local venue TBC, due to Dartinginton Hall festivities. 


6 (taster £15) & 20 Sept, 4 & 18 Oct, 1 & 15 Nov

Full Course Cost: £108 Early Bird, if booked by 20 August, £135 thereafter (taster included in both course prices).


Booking: Advance booking for both the taster and full course is essential.

For all booking enquiries please email Elise:


Explore and connect to your true voice and discover new ways of expressing your unique creativity through sacred sound. Together we will journey through soundscapes, using mantra, easy to follow heart songs, and spontaneous musical creations to expand, heal and inquire within; honouring the gifts, insights and self discovery that rises up through the music. Experiment with singing in harmony, both under guidance from Elise as well as completely free improvisation and experimentation, in a safe space where all sounds, emotional release and insights are welcomed into the circle. Explore the silence and stillness between the sound.

Looking to all traditions and cultures around the world for inspiration on where sound and voice have been a vehicle for self realisation and enlightenment, OM Voice Circles invites those who wish to discover how our voice can be a wellspring of self empowerment, in a supportive, nourishing and deeply loving environment. Circles open to all - no singing experience is necessary and you do not need to think of yourself as a singer to join in! This is Yoga for your Voice. Discover how the power of singing with devotion can truly answer our deepest prayers, heal our most tender wounds and unite us on many, many levels.

Each fortnightly gathering is a space for prayer, positive intention setting and an invitation to the group collectively to go within and ask what really matters at this time. What needs attention? What needs healing, releasing, birthing? Find your unique sound and song to create the changes that you wish to make consciously in your daily life, with the support of someone who has and is walking the path beside you. 

Elise has been singing all her life and received vocal training in many forms over the years. For the past 8 years she has embodied a variety of mantra chanting and devotional singing practices, and personally experienced that magical, transformational power held deep within the mantras. She is a Songwriter, Devotional Artist, Yoga Teacher and Life Coach; all qualities which come together to hold OM Voice Circles in the most heartfelt way possible.  

Welcome to a new chapter. Welcome to OM Voice Circles...

“Elise takes us to the deep peace within, through the magic of mantra. She has the most extraordinary voice, and the deep spiritual practice that always make singing mantras with her an affair of the heart”
— Ammaprema

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