Tour Dates 2019 - Bringing Kirtan To You


Last summer (2018) I met the most inspirational yoga teacher - Padma Devi Sumananda at Colourfest. She has asked me to make a very particular mantra album. 50% of the profits from all the sales will go to support Heart Of Living Yoga Foundation which works with children in Sri Lanka, India, Brazil & the U.K. 


I am about to return to the UK after my first visit with Padma to North Sri Lanka, where the charity was born. We visited many homes of the most impoverished families. Our priorities for this visit were women led families, special needs children and those with physical disabilities, bringing them aid of all kinds. We also laid foundation stones for a new community building in the village, opened a special needs unit at a school, and visited one of the schools that receives the Sunshine Programme, which brings children 2 hours a day of extra tuition in Tamil, English, maths and science, plus a much-needed nutritious meal and a yoga class! I was moved to tears many times. 


One of my eye-opening moments was realising how far money goes in Sri Lanka, with life changing effect. Just £200 can support a student at university for a whole year!

Once the album is released (summer/early autumn 2019) I will be on the road again touring the UK and Europe, sharing the music in kirtan concerts. I would love to connect more deeply with those of you who have supported and followed our journey, by bringing a kirtan concert to your local yoga studio, or another venue in your community, festival, or a private house concert… 

So would you like me to bring a kirtan concert to you? 

If so, please get in touch ASAP with your area and suggestion so I can incorporate it into my tour schedule. Dates are booking up now, please contact me on:


With love & light, & deep thanks for your time and attention, 
Elise x

Elise Yuill Cohen