Heart of Living Yoga Interview - Sri Lanka 2019


I am overjoyed to have been asked to make a very special mantra meditation album to support this amazing charity The Heart Of Living Yoga (https://www.heartoflivingyoga.com). More news on this coming soon…

Before heading into the recording studio I made my first visit to North Sri Lanka in March 2019, to experience some of the charities projects. We visited homes of some of the most impoverished people bringing them medical care, home essentials and finding out what they truly need. Our priorities for this trip were to visit women led families, and those with special needs and physical disabilities.

We laid the first foundation stones for a new community building in a village near Kilinochi. We opened a special needs unit in a school. And visited a school for children that receive the charities support through the Sunshine programme, bringing them 2 hours of extra tuition each day in Tamil, English, maths and science, plus a much needed nutritious meal. I was moved to tears so many times.

One of the remarkable realisations for me was how much a relatively small amount of money can change a persons life out there. Just £200 will support a student at university for a whole year!

Elise Yuill Cohen