LAKSHMI (2019)

Artwork by Ebanie Powell.

Artwork by Ebanie Powell.

Genre: Mantra | Music for Meditation & Healing

This album is an hour long journey of the ancient Mahalakshmi Mantra - Divine Mother’s Healing Mantra for the World.

THE MANTRA – OM Srim Mahalakshmiye Swaha

Lakshmi is the aspect of Divine Mother we all find it easy to love. She is the all-embracing, grace, beauty, abundance and pure unconditional love. Whoever you are, whatever you have done… She will love you. Om Divine Mother.

You can sing along with the recording or simply rest, listen and bathe in its healing and soothing vibrations, play it during your yoga practice and class, or during any healing therapy.

Today many of us seem to feel burnt by life or even burnt out. This one hour recording of the Mahalakshmi Mantra is the sweet offering of Divine Mother’s love that soothes and tenderly heals our hearts, minds, emotions and souls. It is like a healing salve that Mother gently applies to our hurts as she sings a lullaby to all Her children. 

Thank you for buying this album and helping to improve the lives of some of the poorest children of the world and their families. 50% of the profits from all the sales go to support the Heart Of Living Yoga Foundation which is a charity working with children in Sri Lanka, India, Brazil and the U.K. On behalf of the children and their families THANK YOU.

Find out more about Elise’s journey as a music ambassador for Heart of Living Yoga HERE


Artwork by  Alicia Raitt .

Artwork by Alicia Raitt.

Genre: Folk | Acoustic

Elise’s crowdfunded debut album produced, mixed and mastered by Peter Miles at Middle Farm Studios; 'Scarlet Begonias' is a collection of Elise's contemporary conscious folk songs. Dedicated to her father the notorious 'Norton George Cohen', who was a great creative inspiration to Elise and sadly passed away during the making of the album, which consequently addresses the tender subjects of love, death, grief, and living the dreams of ones youth, as well as many other heartfelt themes.


Artwork is by Elise's sister  Camilla Rose .

Artwork is by Elise's sister Camilla Rose.

Genre: Folk | Acoustic

Produced by Howard Jones, mixed and mastered by Robbie Bronniman. Discovered and mentored over the years by acclaimed artist Howard Jones, under his production Elise's debut EP 'A Thousand Angels Tears' offers a showcase of Elise's early compositions. Thought provoking and autobiographical contemporary folk songs.