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A Thousand Angels' Tears (Pilote remix)

By Pilote aka artist and producer Stuart Cullen.


Ho'oponopono - music by Giles Bryant, feat. harp by Mareike Beyer, lead vocal by Elise Yuill, backing vocals by Pete Warnock & Giles Bryant

A version of this ancient Hawaiian healing prayer featured on The Perpetual Choirs album released in 2012.  Songwriter and producer Giles Bryant had an idea to record a stripped down version to give a clear message of the words with the beautiful English translation.  So many people around the world have now had there lives transformed by holding these words in their heart, 'I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me, thank you'. The track appeared on The Perpetual Choirs - One World Discovery EP and will feature on the forthcoming One World album.


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Art & Design: Alicia Raitt: