Elise marries positive humanist lyrics to a fresh ‘new folk’ sound. With crystal vocals and beautifully crafted guitar arrangements, she illuminates the human condition with the wisdom of a seasoned soul.

Inspired by global traditions of sacred sound, devotional, world, folk and conscious dance music, and guided by her love and dedication to the healing spirit of music, Elise's songstress creativity ranges from composing devotional and melodic mantra songs, through to contemporary folk-songs. She also collaborates with poets and spoken word artists to create uniquely woven music and poetry performances. 

Essences of all of the above weave into her concerts, but more than anything she loves to invite people to sing together; dissolving the divide between "performer" and "audience". Encouraging everyone to share their hearts and voices, to connect and unify through unique musical co-creations.

Elise conducts voice workshops, leads kirtan, holds retreats and tours in the UK and abroad. She is also a trained Life Coach, Yoga Teacher & Pilates Instructor, with a background in professional dance and the performing arts.

Elise finds joy and purpose in guiding groups and one-to-one clients in a musical exploration of the ancient wisdom of the yoga mantras and other global traditions where sacred sound is used as a powerful practice of prayer, healing and celebration. Making it accessible and applicable to the time and world within which we are living now.

Passionate about supporting and assisting others in deepening their connection with their heart's desires and inner voice, and empowering and igniting the flow of authentic self-expression, Elise bases her teachings on an understandings that when we each become the light of our unique creative true-selves, in doing so, we invite, inspire and give permission to others to do the same.

Her most recent “new folk” album 'Scarlet Begonias' (2017) guides listeners on a thought-provoking, autobiographical voyage, laden with tender heartfelt tales of love, grief, adventures and nature's inspirational gifts.

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Photos thanks to Marijke Kodden and Ecstatic Dance Festival 2018

Photos thanks to Marijke Kodden and Ecstatic Dance Festival 2018


The Heart Of Living Yoga Charity

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Elise is a music ambassador for the Heart Of Living Yoga Foundation; a charity founded by Rev Padma Devi Sumananda. Projects began in Sri Lanka, spread to India, Brazil, the UK and continue to grow and spread around the world.

Elise gives 50% of the proceeds from many of her kirtan events to the Heart Of Living Yoga.

To find out more about their causes please visit www.heartoflivingyoga.com